Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

Dragana (23) - Size 6,5 (37) Hamburg, Germany

Dragana (29) - Size 75 (38,5) Marne, Germany

The summer´s gone - at least her, which you may notice in the lack of posts. First of all: Sorry for that! Good thing we do have a stash of pictures by now, so let us show you one of our older shots:
We met Dragena as we were walking in the beautiful "Hafen City" in Hamburg on a sunny day. As this is more of an office district, people tend to be in a hurry and don´t have time for our shenanigans! And then there was Dragena, slowly walking with her crutches and we instantly loved the shiny red sock which resembled the coloer of the wall in the backround. We asked ther, talked a bit and took the pictures. Turns out she broke her ankle but although se coldn´t really enjoy summer with a limb, she was pretty ok with it, which is "just in her nature"... Tough!

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