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Viewer Submission: Carmen (26) - Size 5,5 (36) Friedrichskoog, Germany

Carmen (26) - Size 5,5 (36) Friedrichskoog, Germany

Sebastian from Luebeck, Germany has sent us the first „viewer submission“, this is what he 

wrote about the pictures:

"It was a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon when my girlfriend and I decided to show some guests the North Sea. So we went to the coast and after climbing the dike our guest just yelled “The water is gone! Where´s the sea you´ve been promising!?” marking the extreme low tide which is pretty normal in the North Sea…
As there is no white-sand-beach but green dikes and mud flats (we call that “Watt”), we went for a walk into this “Watt”, well at least the girls did! We guys just relaxed at the beach. I made these pictures after they came back, as their feet were covered in mud!
Oh and we actually never saw the ocean that day, must have been at the cayman Islands, enjoying a Mojito!" 

- Sebastian

Well thank you for that! Quite great as we think. And if you like to submit pictures, just feel free to do so! Just keep in mind:
- The pictures have to be genuine (made by you or someone around you, no web finds!!)
- What´s the story behind your pictures? Tell us why you did those
We are excited for your submissions! 

– Mel & Marcel

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