Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

Dragana (23) - Size 6,5 (37) Hamburg, Germany

Dragana (29) - Size 75 (38,5) Marne, Germany

The summer´s gone - at least her, which you may notice in the lack of posts. First of all: Sorry for that! Good thing we do have a stash of pictures by now, so let us show you one of our older shots:
We met Dragena as we were walking in the beautiful "Hafen City" in Hamburg on a sunny day. As this is more of an office district, people tend to be in a hurry and don´t have time for our shenanigans! And then there was Dragena, slowly walking with her crutches and we instantly loved the shiny red sock which resembled the coloer of the wall in the backround. We asked ther, talked a bit and took the pictures. Turns out she broke her ankle but although se coldn´t really enjoy summer with a limb, she was pretty ok with it, which is "just in her nature"... Tough!

Sonntag, 17. November 2013

Viewer Submission: Carmen (26) - Size 5,5 (36) Friedrichskoog, Germany

Carmen (26) - Size 5,5 (36) Friedrichskoog, Germany

Sebastian from Luebeck, Germany has sent us the first „viewer submission“, this is what he 

wrote about the pictures:

"It was a nice and sunny Sunday afternoon when my girlfriend and I decided to show some guests the North Sea. So we went to the coast and after climbing the dike our guest just yelled “The water is gone! Where´s the sea you´ve been promising!?” marking the extreme low tide which is pretty normal in the North Sea…
As there is no white-sand-beach but green dikes and mud flats (we call that “Watt”), we went for a walk into this “Watt”, well at least the girls did! We guys just relaxed at the beach. I made these pictures after they came back, as their feet were covered in mud!
Oh and we actually never saw the ocean that day, must have been at the cayman Islands, enjoying a Mojito!" 

- Sebastian

Well thank you for that! Quite great as we think. And if you like to submit pictures, just feel free to do so! Just keep in mind:
- The pictures have to be genuine (made by you or someone around you, no web finds!!)
- What´s the story behind your pictures? Tell us why you did those
We are excited for your submissions! 

– Mel & Marcel

Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Britt (23) - Size 75 (38,5) Marne, Germany

Britt (23) - Size 75 (38,5) Marne, Germany

Britt was sitting in her VW T4 Camper on the Dithmarscher Rock Festival and we could tell she had one or another drink. We asked her to participate and she bursts into laugh. To be quite honest we didn´t know how to react but it turned out she was just being silly. We had great fun together. Talking, laughing and taking pictures (we needed several attempts before it was a wrap!).
We gave her our cards and tugged them into the car´s ash tray so she will find them the next day, no matter how wasted she got...
Well, we´ve never heard of her again! But we are certain she´s alright :)

Dienstag, 24. September 2013

The first Exhibition!

Our project started merely as a try, literally a project. But the amount of support, mail, views, likes and whatnot was unbelievable!! So we kept focussing on it. The result is our first small exhibition of selected works.
Since the majority of pictures were taken in Hamburg, the exhibition will take place in the heart of Hamburg, the famous Makrele-Bar in St. Pauli to be specific.

Some specs:
Vernissage: Oct. 4th - 20.00 hrs

Talstrasse 29
20359 Hamburg

Let´s see how it turns out and we´ll consider further and bigger exhibitions.
Thanks for all the support!!
-Mel & Celly

Anna (18) - Size 9,5 (40,5) Marne, Germany

 Anna (18) - Size 9,5 (40,5) Marne, Germany

There is a really small Festival called "Dithmarscher Rock Festival" in a really small town called "Marne"... Way to go! But we went there and met great people!
Anna was one of our first "victims" there. She liked the idea a lot but was ashamed of her feet due to a nasty scar (well she sure doesn´t have to be, does she?). She had surgery only a few months ago to remove her ganglions and this is what´s left of it.
We do love the pictures since it´s the scars that tell a story about who we are and what we´ve been through. So thanks a lot, Anna!

Montag, 2. September 2013

Anna (25) - Size 7,5 (38,5) Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Anna (25) - Size 7,5 (38,5) Amsterdam, Netherlands

We were roaming the streets of Amsterdam between all the small canals when we met Anna. She stood out the crowd in a long colorful dress with open shoes so we just had to ask her. She liked the project very much and was happy to take part in it. Anna told us she´s not from Amsterdam but from St. Petersburg, Russia... Well, welkom!

Montag, 19. August 2013

Miss Elli (27) - Size 11 (42) Wacken, Germany

 Miss Elli (27) - Size 11 (42) Wacken, Germany

We came across Elli and her mom on the famous Wacken Open Air, the world´s biggest heavy metal festival. None of us is into heavy metal but we thought it might be fun to visit this small town... Miss Elli and her mom were walking on the street and we noticed her big, heavy boots, not the usual female footwear so we asked her to participate. It took her a while but she finally agreed, telling us this is the 10th year those boots carry her through this festival. When talking about the intention of our art project, she told us she doesn´t really care for feet...