Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Janine (27) - Size 9,5 (40/41) - Hamburg, Germany
Let´s get it started!
We´ve collected quite some Pictures now. Took them on several tours through cities in Germany. And basically that´s what we do! Running around asking people if we could take a photo of their feet... The reaction is nearly always the same: few seconds silence, a facial Expression between "You want what now!?" and "is this really happening?" and finally responding with a "sure" or something similar.
But first things first: We... We are two photographers from Hamburg, Melanie (Mel Twist) and Marcel (Celly van Laatzen). Street photography has been a Focus of our work for a long time now and we met some great people along the way, such as Thomas Leuthard or Frank Knaack. But the idea of capturing feet came when we realized nobody cares about feet. To the contrary: Nobody even likes feet. They are attached to the legs and that´s about it. Thouse smelly, ugly things.
So we realized we can help paying more Attention on those Body parts. And we did! A lot of People apologized for the scruffy condition of their feet. Realizing the first time that they could spend a few minutes on caressing them.
We´ll Keep uploading Pictures here every week or so. So tell us what you think and leave a note or comment!
Mel & Marcel

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